A step

I have for some time now been wanting to put more time into my artistic practice, but balancing a full-time teaching job and a rich family life, has meant that practical creativity has often been pushed to the side.

Time to make a change.

Making a move to part-time employment has been on my mind for a while, but the doubts have always crept in and forced me to remain in the status quo. The uncertainty of providing for my family and the struggle to make ends meet being the overriding ‘voice of reason’ in my head for a long while.

Without going into too much depth (which I may or may not do in later posts), a tough few years, the growing realisation that life is too short, and encouragement and support from family and friends, I have finally mustered to courage to take the step towards my goals. Financial concerns do cross my mind, however, they also provide an incentive that I must make this work on different levels, artistically, emotionally, socially, and financially.

It may be exciting and it may be scary but I will be bold, and I will create.