A collection of work by Matthew Corker

‘In my contemporary landscape work I aim to simplify and abstract natural surroundings in order to create a mise-en-scène exposing the essence of the terrain and conveying the sensibility to be found in our surroundings.

I approach the subject with a painterly meets graphic approach; through the use of playful colour, fusing lively brushwork with areas of controlled layering, to suggest a radiant and alternative representation of landscape painting.

Whilst the subject matter of landscape is the starting point for my paintings, I try to strip back the elements in my images to a direct access point, seeing beyond the distraction of detail and realism to garner a feeling of sensation and communicate an indefinable emotional response.

By using watercolour in an unconventional way, I hope to challenge preconceived perceptions of the historical tradition of landscape painting, at the same time honouring the mediums intrinsic connection to light, air, water and earth.

I am fascinated by the visual qualities of the interaction of vivid colours, and the transparency of the medium; the challenge is to use the paint to produce both organic glazes and areas of flat intense colour.’

Matthew Corker is a lifelong artist and painter, he made this realisation during his infancy and has continued to pursue it ever since. He gained a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Fine Art at University Collage London’s esteemed Slade School of Fine Art under the tutelage of world renowned artists such as Stuart Brisley, David Hepher, Euan Uglow, Bruce McLean, and Bernard Cohen.

In addition to developing his own artistic practice Corker is also an art educator and teacher with years of experience, securing outstanding results for high school and further education students in art, photography, and graphic design subjects.

Working across various mediums Corker presents vivid and evocative abstract interpretations of the world as he views it. Striving to portray the world not as it is seen but through a fresh perspective, his work is sometimes ethereal and dreamlike, sometimes bold and direct, but always distinctive.
Instagram: @corkerartist
Facebook: matthewcorkerart