Plein air at Horseshoe pass, Llangollen

I’ve been eager to test out my new self-made plein air watercolour rig, and today I got the chance. Sunshine (between clouds) and low breeze meant that I could head out to Horseshoe pass in Llangollen. I parked up at Ponderosa cafe and then headed up the hill. After a steady post-flu trudge to the top I was rewarded with fantastic 360 degree views, with distant snow capped peaks of Snowdonia to the West shining in the sun light.

I set up my new custom made rig and got started painting, I have to say I am pretty pleased with the set-up. I have designed it so that it can be adapted and altered for different size blocks and sketchbooks. Today I was using two St Cuthberts Mill, Saunders Waterford 10″ x 7″ blocks and a large Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, all held securely by my rigs unique adaptable baton system.

There is nothing quite like outdoor painting and I am looking forward to taking this new set-up out again soon.