Matthew Corker born in 1975. A contemporary painter from the Northwest of England.

Attended London Road art college in Northwich, where he began to develop an abstract painting style informed by his studies of major art movements such as abstract expressionism, minimalism, and also linking theories of rendering rhythmical musical expressions into a visual form.

Corker went on to study Fine Art at University College London’s, Slade School of Fine Art studying under the tutelage of world renowned artists such as Stuart Brisley, David Hepher, Euan Uglow, and Bruce McLean. Developing his practice producing paintings as physical artefacts conveying meaning through their existence as objects within space in relationship to their surroundings.

Upon completion of his degree, saturated with the hustle of London town Corker returned north to reconnect with his family, friends and the landscape which he holds so dear.

Corker has dedicated 20 years to working and teaching in art and design education providing valuable opportunities for high school and sixth-form students to develop and express themselves creatively.

He continues to teach part-time apportioning the rest of his time to his current painting practice.