Parys Mountain, Anglesey. Copper Kingdom

The strange other-worldly landscape of Parys Mountain seemed like a good spot for a bit of plein air painting. The hot sun and loose uneven terrain made the trek to find a suitable vantage point a little awkward, but once I had scrambled towards the summit I was rewarded with incredible views across the ore quarry towards the distant magnificence of Snowdonia.

Paintings for the ‘Manchester made me’ exhibition

I have the pleasure of presenting some of my newest paintings in the ‘Manchester made me’ exhibition at Obeid Galleries as part of the Dead Dead Good Weekend in Northwich. Music has always been a key influence on me and on my work, so to have the opportunity to create some paintings with a direct link to music that I love was a real privilege. The starting point for Elegia was a series of paintings entitled Licht und blindheit that I made this winter in the Peaks above Macclesfield (the home town of Ian Curtis). The title of these paintings…

Plein air at The Edge

Steeped in folklore, Alderley Edge in Cheshire proved to be a more than suitable location for these plein air paintings. Rich with mythology, ancient geology, and prehistoric mining sites “Aldredelie” seemed like the perfect subject to try out some new mica based metallic paints that I have recently acquired. I have to admit that I have previously been dubious of metallic’s, however I have to say that I am pleased with the results. Many thanks to my dear friend and trekking expert Kev Pack for his ongoing recommendations of suitable vantage points. Keep ’em coming Kev.

Plein air at Tower Mountain

“I feel the druidic ideas are still relevant today as people need harmony and balance in their lives. They view the natural environment as a commodity,” “I see druidic ideas as a means to help people find peace with each other and with the world around them. In that way.” “They will never become old fashioned.” Gwyn Edwards, poet.

Plein air adventures. Feb ’19

We’ve been lucky enough recently to enjoy some dry, albeit cold weather recently, which has meant that I have had the chance to throw off the shackles of studio painting and to venture forth into the landscape to observe, notice and record. The images in this post are from two separate painting adventures; the first set of images (above) were made at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, and the second set of images (below) were made at Old Pale in Delamere, Cheshire. There are so many reasons to enjoy plein air or outdoor painting; the unequivocal connection to nature, the chance to…