Further abstractions

I have been experimenting with deconstructing the compositional elements within these new paintings in order to push the abstraction further. I think that there is definite scope for further development here. I am excited to see what path these lead me down. 

Layers upon layers

So I’ve been working on this triptych for a couple of days gradually building it up in layers (you can view the stages on my instagram account: @corkerartist), underpainting, brushwork, glazes, palette knife work. Whilst it’s interesting to work with these processes, I am also acutely aware that it is very easy to be seduced by the action of painting. Hopefully I am mindful enough not to give way to extraneous possibilities, through which I could lose the simplicity of my intention.

Summer is finally here

So the summer holidays have finally arrived (for those that don’t know I am a high school and sixth-form art teacher), that means that I now have six weeks to make paintings ready for a solo show that I have coming up in September. I spent yesterday preparing and gessoing canvases, and have spent this morning adding ground colour to paint over. This current batch of paintings are in a way both a departure and a re-arrival. I am experimenting again with acrylic paint. This was my media of choice throughout my early years is an artist. Across the last…

A step

I have for some time now been wanting to put more time into my artistic practice, but balancing a full-time teaching job and a rich family life, has meant that practical creativity has often been pushed to the side. Time to make a change. Making a move to part-time employment has been on my mind for a while, but the doubts have always crept in and forced me to remain in the status quo. The uncertainty of providing for my family and the struggle to make ends meet being the overriding ‘voice of reason’ in my head for a long…