Artist statement

In my contemporary landscape work I aim to simplify and abstract natural surroundings in order to create a mise-en-scène exposing the essence of the terrain and conveying the sensibility to be found in our surroundings.

I approach the subject with a painterly meets graphic approach; through the use of playful colour, fusing lively brushwork with areas of controlled layering, to suggest a radiant and alternative representation of landscape painting.

Whilst the subject matter of landscape is the starting point for my paintings, I try to strip back the elements in my images to a direct access point, seeing beyond the distraction of detail and realism to garner a feeling of sensation and communicate an indefinable emotional response.

By using watercolour in an unconventional way, I hope to challenge preconceived perceptions of the historical tradition of landscape painting, at the same time honouring the mediums intrinsic connection to light, air, water and earth.

I am fascinated by the visual qualities of the interaction of vivid colours, and the transparency of the medium; the challenge is to use the paint to produce both organic glazes and areas of flat intense colour.